Do I need to sign up for 101-8888 Infinity Call?
  • NO! There is no need to sign up to use Infinity Call 101-8888 long distance service. Just dial 101-8888 to see if our service is available in your area!

If I currently use another long distance provider, can I use 101-8888?

  • YES! You can place a call with 101-8888 without signing up or changing your current long distance provider! Every time you place a long distance call with 101-8888 your long distance charges appear on your local telephone bill!

How do I use 101-8888 Infinity Call?

  • To place a long distance call just dial 101-8888 and do not pause, just dial the number you wish to call. For calls in North America dial 101-8888 + 1 + area code+ phone number. For International calls dial 101-8888 + 011+ country code+ phone number. Start saving with Infinity Call 101-8888!

Can I access 101-8888 service from any telephone?

  • 101-8888 can only be used on your home or office telephone. Unfortunately, this service is not available from pay phones or cell phones. We hope to offer cellular service in the future.

Do I have to place a long distance call at a certain time of the day in order to save with 101-8888?

  • NO! You can dial 101-8888 and place a long distance call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and SAVE $$ on all your long distance calls!

I used 101-8888 and my call did not go through?

  • When dialing 101-8888 please make sure you do not wait for a dial tone, just enter the long distance number you are calling and your call will be connected. If you continue to have difficulty placing a call, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-548-8888

If I use 101-8888 service do I have to pay a monthly fee?

  • There are NO monthly fees with 101-8888.

How do I know if 101-8888 service is available in my area?

  • 101-8888 is only compatible with Bell, Rogers, Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) and Telus landlines in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. The service will not work with cell phones, payphones, hotel phones, dormitories, and most businesses.

Is 101-8888 available in the United States or countries outside of Canada?

  • 101-888 is NOT available from the United States or countries outside of Canada. 101-8888 is ONLY available for calls made from Canada.